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Is this a familiar statement you hear in your home at school, and in your community? Is your response as a student, BUT, HOW?

Chicago Public Schools has A BOLD ANSWER:
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) comes from the Latin word that means "eager for knowledge" is a 6th through 12th Grade Four-Year College Readiness System.

FOUR “R’s” of AVID:


AVID - Advancement via Individual Determination"Teens By-And-Large Do Not Rebel Against Rules But Relationships"!

The AVID Site Team in schools that have AVID are student-centered adults that identify college-bound students that need academic support (relevancy), connect with students where they are (rapport), and engage (rigor) students in high academic expectations and experiences!


» Is school not challenging enough?
» Is school boring?
» Do you need a supportive "Push"?

AVID will not only "Push" YOU with 'talk', but it will also provide you with a full "successful student tool box" of time tested academic strategies and social networking insights that you can take with you daily as you attend IB, Honors, and Advanced Placement Classes!


What does an important piece of paper say about your in-school actions?

Your middle level (6-8) report card and high school (9-12) transcript will speak for itself. AVID provides the specific steps grade by grade strategies, that if used as taught by highly trained and effective AVID teachers, will ensure a "record" you are proud of and will want to show your family, your friends, high schools and colleges!


Can you tell the difference between "glitter" and "gold"?

For 30+ years AVID National has been sending students to competitive to most competitive four year colleges. AVID is in over 30 elementay schools and 50 high schools and growing throughout CPS School District. Since its first graduating class in 2006 CPS AVID has been sending students to colleges at a higher rate than non-AVID CPS students at the same schools!
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More Information

To learn more about AVID, please visit www.avidonline.org or contact the Chicago Public Schools AVID District Department directly at 773-553-1639